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Why Us

Why Clients Choose StoneCentury Financial

Founded by Brock Fortner, StoneCentury Financial is an independent planning and consulting firm. Known for being honest, forthright, and imaginative, the firm has helped hundreds of people achieve financial freedom. Based on the philosophy of making wealth work for you, the team prides itself on showing clients how money is more like science than math, taking traditional financial planning approaches and turning them into new and innovative strategies to ensure future wealth for generations to come.

We will help you better understand how to take control of your money and increase the efficiency of every dollar used. We want you to spend and enjoy your money when you are happy and healthy without giving up income or inheritances during the distribution conservation phase of your life.

Following our process, we will work to help you organize and simplify your financial life. Our first step is to make sure we organize your financial junk drawer so that we can stop any financial leaks you may be having.

Why us? StoneCentury Financial helps organize your financial junk drawer.

While going through our process, you will create an ‘Action Now List’ of items you would like to achieve. As we help you self-discover your ideal financial future, we will show you how to achieve it most efficiently and effectively.

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